The Black Belt Excellence Training – A collaboration between Mannheim Business School and The Lean Six Sigma Company

On November 4, 2024, The Lean Six Sigma Company is launching an exclusive Black Belt Excellence training course in partnership with Mannheim Business School. This unique course is designed to prepare participants to achieve the prestigious title of Black Belt, with a specialization in Process Mining. This training is an ideal opportunity for professionals who strive for excellence in Lean Six Sigma and want to gain in-depth knowledge of Process Mining as well as have a significant impact within their organization. By combining our collective expertise, we offer a program that is both in-depth and practical, giving participants the skills necessary to analyze and optimize complex processes.

A collaboration with quality – how did this come about?

As a leading provider of Lean Six Sigma methodologies, we recognized the opportunity to enhance our offerings by collaborating with Germany’s leading business school, Mannheim Business School. Their commitment to bridging knowledge and fostering innovation resonated deeply with our own mission. Mannheim Business School’s reputation for academic excellence and practical industry insights perfectly complemented our expertise. We were particularly impressed by the business school’s dedication to keeping curricula relevant and state-of-the-art, a philosophy that mirrors our own approach to providing high-quality teaching. In the words of Mannheim Business School, ‘Together, we combine academic excellence with practical industry knowledge to provide our clients with the most effective and impactful education possible.’ This partnership allows us to provide our clients with unparalleled opportunities for growth and success in today’s competitive business environment.

Who is the Black Belt Excellence training for?

The Black Belt Excellence training is designed for professionals from various fields, as this program offers a transformative learning experience. Specifically tailored for Process Owners/Experts, Operations Analysts, Quality Process Managers, and Project Managers/Internal Consultants focused on processes, our training equips participants with the skills needed to thrive in today’s data-driven business landscape. Learn to precisely analyze the quality of your processes and enhance the quality of your products and services. Whether you aim to enhance analytical capabilities, optimize processes, or drive organizational excellence through data-driven insights, our Black Belt Excellence training is the ideal opportunity to advance your career and make a significant impact in your organization.

What you can achieve as an organization with this training

The Black Belt Excellence training presents significant advantages for organizations. By incorporating Lean Six Sigma principles, it offers a systematic method to enhance processes, leading to cost reduction and heightened efficiency. Employing a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt trained in Data Analysing equips the organization with an expert who is proficient in data analysis and has an expansive understanding of continuous improvement. This enables the organization to make data-driven decisions and plan ahead more strategically. Organizations equipped with a future-ready workforce are more agile, allowing them to anticipate and adjust their processes to new customer demands, technologies or regulations before they become a challenge. Enroll today and learn how to make data and Lean Six Sigma achieve incredible results with our Lean Six Sigma Excellence training.

Participate in the Black Belt Excellence training

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